Thrive is a dynamic, developmental approach to working with children and young people that helps teachers and adults to interpret their behaviour and address their emotional needs.

Arts-crafts The Thrive Approach offers practical, effective tools and techniques that work, built around a web-based assessment and action planning tool, underpinned by a programme of training and mentoring support.

The process is designed as a progressive spiral, starting with assessment. Informed by our developmental model, we use relational, play-and arts-based activities in one-to-one sessions, in small group sessions, or in class as lessons progress. Parents are supported in activities at home, and we give advice as to how to organise and plan provision within organisations and child care settings.

Thrive-Online assessment and action-planning tool

Thrive-Online is an integral part of The Thrive Approach. It is a simple-to-use program that charts progress and measures outcomes. The program supports Individual assessment of emotional and social skills based on observed behaviours and baseline skills, as well as whole class screening. Each child’s needs and the strategies to address them are set out in individual, targeted action plans, which may be implemented over a number of weeks, or several years depending on the child’s needs. Action plans can be printed off to guide your work and the program allows for review and monitoring of progress. Teachers can also screen groups of children against age-related expectations. Recommendations on environmental changes, classroom organisation and curriculum strategies will be given to address the learning needs identified.

A software licence for this tool is available for purchase by Thrive Licensed Practitioners, Software licences are available for individual schools/organisations and for collective licence situations e.g. education authorities, children's homes, academy chains, learning communities. See what's involved

Training programmes

There is a range of training and support options designed to suit the needs of parents and carers, professionals and multi-user groups.

For head teachers, teachers, educational psychologists, other professionals working in children’s services, learning support assistants and local education authorities, a 10-day professional training programme, followed up by a rigorous quality assurance process, provides access to the tools and philosophies of Thrive.

Once trained, these highly skilled Licensed Practitioners use the Online tool to guide their work 1:1, in small groups and in class (or setting) with children to put the personally designed action plans into action.

For training options, and software licences, designed specifically for parents and carers, see more about training

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