The Thrive Approach, underpinned by Thrive-Online, can help you look at the behaviour of the young people that you support and get a better understanding of what is going for them.


  • Do you want the children and young people that you support to thrive?
  • Would you like easy access to dozens of simple practical activities that you can do with your families?
  • Would you like simple explanations about basic brain science so that you could talk knowledgeably about how children's stress management systems develop?
  • And how that links to the child's behaviour?
  • Would you like a tried and tested way to work with your families so they enjoyed each other more and worried less?

Thrive-Online can help.

Thrive-Onlline will help you to make sense of where the child is in terms of emotional development. You can do this age-appropriately or to check where the child is now. There's a way you can look at any of the child's behaviours that are causing concern. The program will help you to know exactly what to do that will help change things for the better. You can choose the activities that will be OK for you and your family from a long list of suggestions, all of which are relevant to your situation.

Experience tells us that relationships between workers and families improve but more importantly, relationships within the family improve as the stresses and worries lessen.