The Thrive Approach, underpinned by Thrive-Online, will help you look at the behaviour of the young people that you support and get more understanding of what is going on for them.


  • Do you want the children and young people that you support to thrive?
  • Are you keen to contribute to more young people having more robust stress management systems and so be less at risk for mental illness?
  • Do you want to work collaboratively with staff in schools and other support services to offer effective advice and practical suggestions to those who support vulnerable or challenging children?

Whether you are a GP, Mental Health Worker, an Educational Psychologist, A CAMHS worker, a counsellor or a child psychotherapist you will find the Thrive online assessment tool helpful in identifying a young person's emotional learning needs. Children may present with conditions that are related to anxiety, grief or behaviour concerns.

  • You will be able to observe the child's behaviour and complete an assessment online.
  • You can discuss the behaviours that are causing concern with the parent and complete the assessment together.
  • You'll be able to create an Action Plan that will focus your subsequent meetings with the child (and family).

Experience shows us that many children who are waiting for psychiatric assessment or are being given medication find The Thrive Approach very beneficial. The actions can be done by yourself with or without the parent. If you work alongside other professionals or support a school, the Action Plans can be implemented there. The suggestions are simple, practical and most effective when they are done within a significant relationship and experiences are repeated often.