Thrive-Online has been developed to help us better understand children's behaviour and what it signals about their emotional development. Whether you are a parent, carer or child care professional, there are different software subscriptions available.

Thrive-Online underpins the practice of Thrive and is available to individuals and organisations that have undertaken Thrive training:

Home-user software subscriptions for:

  • parents and carers
  • adoptive parents and long term foster carers (see also courses and events for parents)

Professional single-user software subscriptions for:

  • self employed professionals
  • smaller private practices (see also courses and events for childcare professionals)

Professional Multi-user software subscriptions for:

  • schools
  • academies and academy chains
  • learning communities and federations
  • Local Authorities
  • early years settings (see also courses and events for early years; primary and secondary schools and special units)

Software subscription prices vary depending on the number of children to be covered by the licence. They range from £60 per child per year for a single child home user licence, to as little as £3.48 per child per year for a whole school subscription.

Active use of Thrive-Online is an essential element for achieving and maintaining Thrive Licensed Practitioner status. To find out more about maintaining your licensed status click here

All software subscriptions run for an initial period of 12 months with a 90 day notice period thereafter.

For more detail please Contact us