To help us deepen and extend our practice to better meet children's emotional and social developmental needs, Thrive offers a programme of CPD (continuing professional development).

CPD courses are available to Thrive Licensed Practitioners and above. By engaging in continuing professional development:

  • You will deepen and broaden your knowledge of Thrive
  • You will be able to maintain the currency and assured quality standards of your qualification
  • Most importantly, you will be better placed to ensure the best possible outcomes for the children in your care

Teacher-training To maintain your Licensed Practitioner status you must each year (following the academic year in which you were licensed*):

  • update your knowledge & skills by attending at least one Thrive approved training and/or networking event to gain a minimum of 10 CPD points
  • provide evidence of on-going, active use of Thrive-Online to support your practice (The minimum requirement is for you to assess at least one child and carry out at least two reassessments of that child**)
  • undertake at least 8 hours private study
  • pay the annual licence fee for your licence level. For Licensed Practitioners this is zero.

* The professional licensing year runs from 1st September until 31 August.

** To achieve this you must be an Authorized User of Thrive-Online through your organisation, or you must hold your own personal software licence. Should your Licensed Practitioner status lapse, you will be able to continue with Whole Class Screening only.

For details of the CPD requirements for Action Plan Mentors and Trainers please refer to the Thrive Handbook and/or contact the office 0845 564 5001.

A wide range of courses are available, covering a range of topics from Thrive-online refresher 1/2 day courses to more specific areas of The Thrive Approach such as Skills and Structure and Working with Adolescents. For details of all courses available click here