The Thrive Approach, underpinned by Thrive-Online, can help you look at the behaviour of the children and young people that you support and get a better understanding of what is going for them.


  • Do you want the children and young people that you support to thrive?
  • Are you keen to have a way to identify as early as possible those children who are vulnerable or at risk?
  • Would you like easy access to dozens of simple, practical suggestions about what adults can do to improve children's life chances?
  • Would you be interested to focus your assessments of children onto their needs to make sure the provision is targeted more closely to meet them?

Thrive-Online can help.

Instead of judging parents, this assessment tool gives you a tried and tested way of identifying a child's developmental needs.

This is done through observing and inputting the child's behaviours or by reviewing their current emotional and social skills. The program gives you as a result a clear steer as to which developmental phase needs more attention. You can then select from dozens of differentiated strategies to make a simple set of actions for the family and/or any support workers to follow. You can change and update the plan as the child makes progress and the situation improves. You can print reports and share them, with parental permission of course.