Whether you are a parent, carer or professional, The Thrive Approach can show you what to do, and how to be, with young people.

It helps you give them more choice about their behaviour and supports them to make the most of the opportunities life gives them.

The Thrive Approach can be used with all ages of children from birth to adulthood. It teaches you:

  • what their behaviour means
  • new ways of responding
  • ways to reshape their stress management systems
  • how to improve their emotional resilience
  • how to increase their emotional development
  • how to help them engage with life and learning

Through online tools, training and mentoring, we support you in learning about the emotional and social development relevant to a child's age. We also help you to understand a child's challenging or troubling behaviour as communication. Every child gets a personal plan; you get simple, practical ideas about how to be and and what to do to implement the plan, and you can easily monitor the results.

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I always wondered why somebody didn’t do something to help these children - then I realised I am that somebody.