Embedding Thrive as a Whole School Approach

A short film demonstrating how a school in the North East adopted Thrive as a whole school approach. The film shows how a positive difference and impact was made to the school using Thrive. Includes interviews with children, teaching staff and parents.

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00:00I think you should have Thrive because it's a real benefit to the school, and it helps a lot of children around school, always helped cheer you up, and make it feel safe inside school.
00:10Thrive is somewhere that people can feel welcomed.
00:14Thrive is a very calming place.
00:16We have been learning about Oxytocin.
00:19They will kinda get you back into your Neocortex brain, and Limbic brain, and start making you think about what's happened.
00:27You ought to sit back and breath when you're done.
00:30And then we ought to touch you, and you smile at someone, and they smile back.
00:38Thrive is an approach that we use wholeheartedly to make a difference to children.
00:44It's an embedded lifelong change.
00:47It's the whole school culture using Thrive in our school.
00:50And it makes a big difference because its used in every part of school, and not just as a certain subject.
00:56It's embedded in our classrooms, we have Thrive objectives in our planning.
00:59We have Thrive Circle Time.
01:01And it makes a big difference. You know all the staff know why we are doing it, and the children know why we are doing it.
01:05And it's not just a Thrive hour for that session.
01:08We use it in Maths, in Literacy, when we're out on the playground, at PE, at dinnertime.
01:12You know the dinner ladies have had some training alongside Thrive Practitioners about how to deal with children when they are outside.
01:18When I came, the school was in a bit of a crisis.
01:22We needed to do something really quickly here.
01:24So we decided to move with Thrive.
01:28We were brave, we went with it, and we actually put it in as a centre core for the rest of the work we were doing.
01:37In trying to support the school in turning around, and improving.
01:41We began to see changes in children, because they became much more steady with themselves, and steady in the classroom.
01:49Several times a year we do an entire school screening.
01:53So we use the class screening tools for Thrive Online.
01:57We have a Thrive Practitioner sit in along side the rest of the staff that work with those children in that classroom.
02:03And together they look at each child and they screen those children.
02:08I went on my Thrive training about 18 months ago.
02:11And from the day one of training it had a really big impact on my teaching and practice.
02:15We knew that if we were going to introduce something, it would have to be transformational.
02:23It's a huge impact in our school.
02:25A couple of years ago when we had out OFSTED inspection, our children said to us that they were not happy.
02:30And that really struck a chord.
02:32And in October 2014 we had an HMI visit, and the children said to her they were happy in school.
02:38The one thing that Thrive Online allows us to do is to measure exactly what improvements this type of work is helping us do.
02:47Now we weren't able to do that with anything other than Thrive Online.
02:51Outside of the Thrive Online system, then we've got our SATs results, which were on a downward trend.
02:57And they're starting to move up and be much steadier now.
03:02We have got improved attendance, improved punctuality, reduction in fixed term exclusions.
03:10We've never permanently excluded a child during the time that I've been here.
03:14We got greater engagement at playtimes.
03:17Fewer disruptive learning behaviour instances.
03:21Thrive has had an amazing impact on my children.
03:24It's unbelievable. Leanne's behaviour is amazing now.
03:29I mean we were worried that she would get kicked out of school at one point.
03:33She's a completely different child.
03:35Joseph has just absolutely soared, form being on this Thrive programme.
03:39His emotional side is really, really grown in confidence.
03:44And just got a better attitude, and a better outlook.
03:47As a Mum the change has been unbelievable.