We are often reminded by the media of concerns about what is happening to our children and young people.

This takes many forms such as anti-social behaviour; truancy, exclusions, bullying, classroom disruption; drug and alcohol dependency in young people; sexualisation and the sexual exploitation of children. These issues affect every one of us.

Allowing the behavioural problems of a child to go unaddressed leads to longer term impact, not only for the child and the adult that they will become, but for society at large.

The challenge for society is to support all children and young people to become confident and emotionally secure so they are able to develop their unique talents and abilities.

Our challenge as parents, carers, childcare professionals and staff in schools is to take the time to fully understand the needs of our children, looking beyond their behaviour that is sometimes challenging to us.

We need to explore different and more effective ways of helping our children to flourish, so they can make the most of the opportunities available to them.

It is a tough challenge for us all, and it is the reason that Thrive was established - to front that challenge.

The Thrive Approach and the tools we have developed are designed to help you to meet the specific challenges you face in helping your child, or the children in your care, to thrive.